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Re: Had the circumcision talk with DF!!

Originally Posted by catrinagreene View Post
in NC where my son was born the dont do any actuall cutting, its a little plastic piece called the plasitibell (sp?) its stays on for i think it was on for a week and it falls off when its done. no special care needed just make sure theres no poopies on it
Actually there is cutting involved with the plastibell, just as much with any other circ. They have to force the foreskin away from the glans with a blunt probe, then they have to make a dorsal slit to get the bell on. Once they tie the string around the ring to cut off the blood flow, they cut off the foreskin as close to the ring as they can, then the rest is left to necrotize and fall off.

There's no "gentle" way to do a circ. Even if they numb it, the shots are very painful and don't usually do a whole lot, which is why they have to strap the baby's arms and legs down.
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