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I am so overwhelmed! (food allergies)

We have known that ds1 is allergic to eggs since he was one, and luckily it has been easy to avoid. He does fine with baked eggs, so we've just had to avoid regualr eggs, egg noodles and things like that. Now ds2 has been diagnosed with tree nut allergies. Now all these issues of cross contamination come up. I have no idea what to feed my kids. I have been googling for two days and only found one grocery list and all that has is snack foods. I will try to make most from scratch but I just read that some flours are cross contaiminated. I just want to cry. Also, he starts preschool in the fall and I am terrified. Ds1 I don't worry as much because none of the kids in his class are bringing in eggs for a snack, kwim? They both have epipens, but I am still scared someone won't notice his reaction until it's too late. I am completely overwhelmed!
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