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Re: I am so overwhelmed! (food allergies)

HUGS mama! I feel ya! DS (19mo) has 45 different food allergies we just found out about! Its terrifying.. The best advice that I've been given is to make a list of foods he CAN have. So include flours, snack foods and other products.. Anything that is peanut free. Look on and search peanut free in grocery. That will give you some great ideas. For egg you can substitute flax in baked goods.

Somethings to help you along the way:

Tree nut Safe List;
Wheat Montana wheat and white wheat
GV sugar
Sams powdered milk
Wheat thins
Hersheys chocolate chips
Chex cereal is peanut free but not the honey or the chocolate
PUffs are nut free
Sams brand pasta is nut free

And whole foods has peanut free tags!

And for school, you need to meet with all the teachers, show the practice epi and have a list of foods that are safe and unsafe (I did mine in red and green with stop lights).. I check the menu at daycare (we go occasionally not often) and then pack a comparable lunch if things arent safe for Solomon. Also they sell these stickers where you can list his allergies, and stick it on his shirt. Im making a pin that says "Dont feed me, I have allergies" LOL.
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