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Re: 7 month old napping

I would consider a more consistent routines and shoot for two longer naps a day, versus the shorter ones. It appears that she is doing the 45 min. thing where essentially she doesnt know how to get to the next sleep cycle on her own. Even though she is awake, she is still sleepy. She really should be able to be awake for more than an hour at this point.

If you want to try a routine, I would begin by picking a waking time. Try and make that as close to the same time every day....that way her naps will always fall near the same time frame and you can also easily schedule errands and activities around that.

This is what I put my kids and daycare kids on...
Wake up at 7, eat, then play
Nap from 9-11, eat, then play
Nap from 1-3, eat then play
Bedtime is usually around 7pm

Hope that helps. Routines can be done even with co-sleepers!
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