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Feeding schedule for a 6 1/2 month old

I was wondering what a typical food day for your little ones around the same age? I have recently gone back to work and also begun solids and I just don't know if I am giving her enough.

Our day looks like this:

AM nursing session before work
DD gets 3 pumped bottles of 5 oz each while at daycare
She also gets one container of pureed baby food. She eats it all
After daycare, she nurses at around 6 pm
She then has another container of baby food and sometimes rice cereal. She usually does not finish the container
Another little nursing session while she falls asleep. She doesn't seem to eat much during this one
I wake up 1-2 times a night to nurse.

She is pretty little for her age (no more than 15 pounds). Dr. says she isn't concerned because she's been a slow gainer since the beginning.
I have dealt with low supply and take domperidone and Mother's Milk Special Blend.
When I pump, I get about 4-5 oz during 1st one, about 3-3.5 during second and 2-3 during 3rd session.

Should I be giving her more solids during the day or at night? Should she be snacking on puffs, etc?

I'm curious what other mamas feed their lo during the day.

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