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I was so depressed after my first c section and subsequent divorce that I went into counseling. It helped me tremendously. I've been to several doctors in an attempt to correct my tilted cervix and they all tell me the same thing, unless the baby is less than 5 lbs, it's gonna be A c section.
My first was 9 9 second was 8 4 and this one due any day is already weighing in at 8 lbs. After months of counseling I finally realized that a c section is birthing your baby and that we are all different. Those feeling came rushing back when my little sister had her son in 2009. She was in jail most f her pregnancy, ate horribly, smoked, did drugs and had three hour 4 push pregnancy and my nephew was perfect. My only consolation is that even will all of that going for her, she never bonded with him. My mom raises him and has since he was born. I am lucky to have had two beautiful children that I have cloth diapered and nursed until they were 1 and 2. I know it's tough but try to remember the good. You've had healthy babies, you are a great mama and we were all made differently for a reason.

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