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Re: Had the circumcision talk with DF!!

Originally Posted by wlillie View Post
My dh and I have watched the videos and done the research and we still circ. If you really don't want him circed you should use logic and not emotion if your dh is like most men.
How many threads do we need regarding the same issue over and over again just for the attention and trying to keep it alive. If someone wants to research it, they can look at the hundreds of prior threads. If you don't want to circ., don't... why be so dramatic over something so minor in the grand scheme of things. You aren't going to compromise if you have it in your head you don't want to, so just tell your husband its not happening and be done with it. Sorry, not trying to be harsh, but the rounds and rounds of justifying why or why not get old. (then again, its a good distraction from folding laundry).
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