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Whoops! Dumb phone! Sorry: we became more & more AP during my son's infancy. We now have this awesome almost 6 year old. But I'm kind of wondering where/when his branching out is. We don't like the schools where we live so we homeschool for now. We've participated in sports classes & co-ops since he was almost 3. But he does these activities only if me or Dh are there. I would like him to go do some fun activities like play on a soccer team or take some enrichment type classes. But he cries & says he misses me. Am I wanting too much too soon? Are we too attached? He wants to just stay home & play etc with just me & Dh everyday. He has friends & will go play with them. He's had a babysitter (i'm in school). So I don't really understand what's up or what to do. We do have a newborn, but this has been like this for awhile. Any advice?

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