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Re: Would you let your 3yo SON....

Originally Posted by Fashionably Green Baby View Post
When I said little boys I meant like very little boys, not pre teens or teens and I honestly don't think I would think they were tacky on DS, ya know cuz he is mine and always cute

I am going to let him do it, just looking for a place to get them done. I think we might wait until school is out for this year simply because he is in pre school and I don't want the other kids messing with them when they are brand new (kids seem to be attracted to new things). As for boys not being allowed to wear ear rings at school, that sucks for those kids. That is not a rule at our school.
I was going to say I think you kind of have to since both girls have them. Glad you decided. And I would avoid the mall. A dr or tattoo place for sure!

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