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Did I tell you all I'm teaching CDing in Chicago?....

Yes, I am a Cloth Diapering Consultant and running two free classes a month at Be By Baby in Chicago. It is a new retail store and just opened in June. The web site is just a one page and not up yet, but you can see the pretty logo that one of the owners designed.

I am paid to run the class by the store, but the public can take it for free. They do sell diapers so afterwards if someone is ready they can buy, but they don't have to. On my handout I give so much information even how to wash, links to Diaper swappers and the Pin, links to how to fold, and to a Diaper service. The owners are just that dedicated to people cloth diapering they don't care if people buy from them (although I'm sure they want them to), they just want them to CD their babies.

I taught my first class in June to the staff who were in training. One staff member is currently cloth diapering and it was fun to have her give opinions and support to what I was teaching.

The first free classes to the public are this month. PM me for dates and times. One is a weekday night and the other is a weekend day. I am hoping for a good turnout. The class is capped at 10 (plus SOs)

If you live in Chicago or the Chicago area and are new to CD please feel free to sign up. Or if you know someone that might want to start CD please tell them about this store.

The CD prices are very fair (so the owners have assured me, competetive) And it is the ONLY CD retail store in Chicago. What is cool is that you don't have to pay shipping and you can touch and feel the diapers first. And in My class I have big dolls that I cloth diaper and that I pass around for people to get to try too.

Spread the word and if you live near please stop by and support them! Both the owners are CD mamas!

Be By Baby
1654 W Roscoe St
Chicago, IL 60657

tel # (773) 404-Baby

Oh yeah, they also have free sling classes too!!!

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