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Re: Would you let your 3yo SON....

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
I don't find that to be true in "corp America" in the DC area, I see many, many professionals in suits with long hair, tats and earrings
And in our school system, nothing has ever been said. They only can't wear them for sports, but neither can the girls. Boys have long hair, earrings, colored hair, it doesn't matter here. And who is to say my DS would work in corp america? or could take his earrings out later.....
I live in Missouri and work at a hospital. One of the CEOs is a biker and he LOOKS like a biker lol. Long hair, tattoos and he always comes into the hospital wearing his leather. I think a lot of companies are leniant with looks. I have several visible tattoos and not once have I ever been told to cover them up while working.
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