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Re: Enrichment activities for ADVANCED 11 month old???

Originally Posted by danner View Post
The results are in. TV is not helpful or educational to kids under 2. If anyone wants to rationalize their behavior to justify it, that's fine, but the truth is even exceptional x month-olds don't benefit.
Agreed! Though I would expand the under 2 part - IMO the "blue mother" is not helpful or educational to anyone of any age. I didn't realize it until we got rid of cable, then ultimately stopped watching it all together, but it is SO overstimulating!

We went to a hockey game 2 years ago and I left there feeling like I had just had marketing propaganda from every major local company shoved down my throat - I had been so far removed from commercials that the signs, songs, contests, etc. at the hockey game seemed like they were being blasted at me... Then I realized that they truly were being blasted at me, its just that I wasn't numbed from regular exposure to things like TV commercials so I was more sensitive to it.

I even stopped listening to the news on the radio... I realized that, when I read a news article online I could take my time (not that I am a slow ready - quite the contrary) and process the information, allowing for thought and consideration and feelings and future plans to be incorporated into the processing of the information. By contrast, when I listened to the news on the radio it was blasted at me so fast that my brain didn't have time to process what I had heard in any kind of human fashion before the news reporter moved on to the next story. On the radio it was "2 people died today in a crash involving a tractor trailer... And on to other news elderly people are being victimized by phone scammers... And now for a report on the weather" - all in a span of about 20-30 seconds. When I read the same article, I had time to process, for instance, who those two people were, the lives that they lived, and how dangerous that particular stretch of road is. It is so much more of a human experience when you are able to fully experience it - no surround sound needed
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