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Re: attachment parenting advice about my 5 year old

I would say to give him time. When he is ready to branch out he will. I was very timid and shy as a child. At 5 I wasn't ready for school without my older brother. I would cry ALL day. It got so bad the school finally put me into my older brothers class. I had to sit where I could see him. God forbid they separate us for anything. They tried to put me in a girls line and him in a boys line. I instantly burst into tears. I did finally outgrow it. By the time I was 7 things were much better. I don't think I would have made it without my older brother. Your son is the oldest so he only has you. Right now that is what he needs. The more I was pushed the more scared I became. I think my crying was becoming worse with each day not better and that was why they finally put me with my brother.
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