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Re: What kinds of pet(s) do you have, if you wanted the pet FOR your lo?

I have dogs, three of them. The big one in my avi was supposed to be my dog but he is all Tharen's. The world exists in Tharen as far as he is concerned and has since the day we adopted him when he was 1year old (Tharen was 18months old at the time). We also have two small dogs and one of those is Kearnan's, the other belongs to dh and I'm not too keen on her to be honest. I would love a snake or a rat for the boys for the home schooling classroom if we had the room. I have had all manner of small pets over the years from mice to sugar gliders and to be honest of rodents Rats make the best pets. Sugar Gliders are awesome but they are a huge commitment (harder to take care of, more room and they smell but man they are cute). Rats are easy to care for, super smart, and pretty forgiving of handling, plus you can teach them tricks. Our local Renn Fair even has a group that puts on a show with trained rats. They are neat pets. They do smell a bit more than Gerbils (which were my first small pets) but less than mice or hamsters in my experience. They require a nice sized cage but nothing too extravagant. I like to have two sisters or two brothers so they don't get lonely. Handle them a lot from the time they are young and they will be very friendly. My boys walked on small leashes. Gerbils also make nice pets because they don't smell too bad, require less frequent cage cleaning and are less likely to bite but they are also faster moving and less tolerant of rough handling because of their smaller size. I had my first gerbil at 12 I believe. He was great. Gerbils are awake more of the day than some of their rodent counter parts but they don't do as many tricks as rats. Again they do smell slightly better. I personally would love to have a snake but dh isn't into it. My SIL was giving away her ball python and I was hoping we could bring him home but dh just wouldn't go for it. I think they are really great but only for the right person. A small lizard like a leopard gecko might also be nice.
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