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Re: flying with a 3mo old?

After thinking about it I don't think I'll bring the car seat. Car seat regulations in the US are so strict that I really doubt a major rental car company would have a "bad" one, I mean, define bad? It would have to comply with US regulations so I don't see a problem. Also I've never been in a rental car that wasn't clean, so I'd be shocked if the car seat wasn't clean too.

I will, however, probably bring the stroller just so I have a place to put babe down now and then.

Sleeping arrangements, on the other hand, are still a question.

Where do you put babe when sleeping at a hotel? I could cosleep, but babe rolls a lot and I don't feel good unless there's a wall or rail on the other side of babe. We have a mini-cosleeper, but I don't want to lug that around.
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