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Originally Posted by yellowitchgrl
Melissa- can I be very personal and ask around when your losses occurred?
No worries.

1st, missed m/c, I was supposed to be 12 weeks and baby was only 9 with no hb. We waited a few days for things to happen naturally but I couldn't handle it emotionally, so following another u/s to confirm no hb, I had a d&c.

2nd, I was about 6 weeks, miscarried naturally

3rd, ds1

4th, I was 6 weeks, ds1 was just 11 months old. I miscarried naturally.

5th, I was 8.5 weeks, ds1 was 13 months old. I miscarried naturally, it was my must painful loss both physically and mentally. I wanted to give up after losing our lo. We took a couple months off from ttc.

6th, I was about 6.5 weeks, ds1 was about 19 months old. Miscarried naturally.

7th, ds2, ds1 was 26 months when we conceived and almost 3 when he was born.

8th, dd, ds2 was 19 months when we conceived and almost 2.5 when she was born.

So 7.5 years of actively trying to get pregnant, 8 pregnancies, 3 beautiful babies on earth and 5 little angels in my heart always.
Mama to 4 kiddos
5 angels in my heart always

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