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Originally Posted by jenn.mcc
After thinking about it I don't think I'll bring the car seat. Car seat regulations in the US are so strict that I really doubt a major rental car company would have a "bad" one, I mean, define bad? It would have to comply with US regulations so I don't see a problem. Also I've never been in a rental car that wasn't clean, so I'd be shocked if the car seat wasn't clean too.

I will, however, probably bring the stroller just so I have a place to put babe down now and then.

Sleeping arrangements, on the other hand, are still a question.

Where do you put babe when sleeping at a hotel? I could cosleep, but babe rolls a lot and I don't feel good unless there's a wall or rail on the other side of babe. We have a mini-cosleeper, but I don't want to lug that around.
I've known hospitals to give out expired carseats; I wouldn't expect a car rental company to definitely have decent ones . They might though! I'd call ahead to the location to see what carseats they use, and ask for manufacturing dates. If they sound confused by the question, then the seats are probably unreliable... No real way of knowing, in that situation.

If they assure you the seats are not expired, write down the rep's name. That way, if you get there and the seat is expired, you can go buy a $39 scenera from Walmart and make them reimburse you for the seat, "because xxx falsely assured you their seats were current and legal".

So many people are misinformed on carseat safety, I don't trust nobody!
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