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Re: What kinds of pet(s) do you have, if you wanted the pet FOR your lo?

We are on a waiting list for a puppy, I'm hoping we can get her around Christmas, and she will be a Golden Doodle, part retriever and part poodle (the giant ones). So our future dog will be a HUGE dog! I looooove big dogs.

I'm thinking the rats sound lke a good idea!! How are they with younger children (my kids are only 3 and 5). Smell isn't a huge issue since our HS room is off a ways from the bedrooms. How often to clean the cages? I could do once a week easy... What do you need for them other than the cage, water and food dispensers, some toys? Wood shavings? What do they eat?

I really didn't want hampsters or gerbils or anything, too easy to get lost. We have a big house. I would like something small, but with a brain, you know? I would like something that would think of us as friends

I want chickens too but for now not possible, since we don't have a fence in our yard
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