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Originally Posted by JadeScarlet
Hi Mamas

I don't really keep in touch - but its hard for me to get to know people, both online and in the real world. I had an August 15 baby boy, my first baby, born at home.

Coming up on 9 months for DS and this is such an exciting time. I say that every month actually, but each month gets even more amazing! We've got army crawling, not quite crawling on all fours and he loves to pull up to standing. He plays with any toy that has buttons, including things that are not toys with buttons like my cell phone. We are loving all kinds of food. DH fed him squid last night and I got a little nervous, but no one in my family has ever had a shellfish allergy so probably don't need to worry, and DS loved it. We are back into a good sleep phase also, hoping that will last a while.

To the above posters - that is annoying that the grandparents won't take time for a visit. We live in Brasil, my parents live in the United States and my DH's parents live in England. We've had 2 visits from my parents so far, and 3 from DH's and we live thousands of miles away! Plus we've flown to visit both of them twice to the US, once to England, and we are going back to England in July, and my mom is coming to us in a few weeks. Plus we use skype video to show off the grandson in between visits.

I don't blog but I've thought about writing a travel blog on traveling with babies. We do a lot of that since we are so far away from our families, plus we like to go on vacation to see places.

Is anyone else feeling like they are ready for another, or trying for another? DH and I are starting to feel like we are ready to just dive in and see what happens.
I just read a post of yours yesterday aboit travel and I was majorly jealous, I'm such an adventurer at heart, but it gets way harder to travel the more kids we have and now we are bound to my oldest s school schedule and youngers speech therapy. Enjoy these days!
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