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Sorry your struggling to workout sleep kinks. My fourth child is also a needy nighttime baby. Cosleeping has helped some. Some ideas to try: swaddling!, white noise (fan, music), a shirt sheet (worn by you), daytime baby wearing.

Originally Posted by CntryMama
Oh, she loves you and wants to be right next to you Don't worry, she wont be sleeping in your bed when she goes to college Do you have a carrier or wrap? You could try wearing her close to you during the day for the first month/two until she gets a little more comfortable with her surrounding, then once she is bigger you could try the crib again.

I know this is a touch subject I firmly believe that breastfeeding and cospleeing is great for the baby and holds little to no risks when done correct. Are you nursing her? If not I would recommend not cosleeping but you can still do lots of babywearing
May I ask why you wouldn't recommend cosleeping for a formula feeding mama? I would think it would be another wonderful way for mama and baby to bond.
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