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Thanks Mamas, I really do appreciate it.
My hubby thinks they are upset about a something I posted on FB a while ago. I said our families are close enough to visit when convenient and far enough to not be able to be here when needed. It was when everyone was sick and Casper was on breathing treatments, it was a really stressful time and I literally had nobody to help out. And that's when my mom asked for prayers for herself because she was upset she couldn't be around. Oh blah. My parents are awesome when they visit but the last couple months they just haven't tried.

I'm excited for you guys who still have another little one to dream about. Hubby shot down adoption when we took a look at our finances. The V was one thing to not HAVE another but taking away even the dream of another was really rough. Wow I'm a big bummer today aren't I?

I watched Forks over Knives and we've been eating mostly veggie and vegan since. Casper loved the chili I made. Lol.

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