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Re: how to wash a 6 year old's hair

We put one of those shower heads on a hose in the kids bathroom - best decision ever! We got one that has a button on the side to turn the water off. So we wet the hair, turn off the water on the shower head, use a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. Then rinse and use a conditioner and rinse again. The shower head allows them to sit in the tub and play while I wash their hair. In the summer months when we're outside a ton and at the pool a lot I use a leave in conditioner as well after bathes.

Dd1 was 6 when we started teaching her how to wash her own hair. We started in the tub and had her put the shampoo/conditioner in her hair. I'd rinse it and have her helpmuse her hands to feel when the soap was all gone. After she got pretty good at that we had her start using our shower and I'd stand amd peek in the curtain and watch her and help her know when she was done rinsing enough. At 7 she now showers independently.
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