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Re: Epi-pen mamas- opinions please

Normally, I'd say #2/traditional BUT, in your case #1, no question. One of my neighbors is having horrible problems with our neighbor school with this issue. They are NOT very careful from what she has said and how they are doing things like just a nut free table (which she had to fight for), sucks as it alienates kids plus still in the room. I'm not sure about the epi pen situation with her. I know when I have the child, she just gives it to me and it goes in the diaper bag so its no big deal. My experience - we have a few minor minor allergies that cause a rash. Our preschool teacher completely dismisses it. She's a nice woman and means well, but its not her issue/priority (vs. someone like me who is hyper sensitive to kids and allergies and very careful) so a few times she has though, oh, he can't eat this but its ok to touch it. We'll second time she didn't let him touch the fruit but someone must have touched him with the fruit as he had a minor rash (first time I made a fuss, second time why bother). So, after this experience, and knowing ours isn't life threatening, there is NO WAY I'd take a chance with a severely allergic child. If a school is not sensitive to it and you have another option, pick that one. But, just my opinion so take it at that.
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