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Re: What kinds of pet(s) do you have, if you wanted the pet FOR your lo?

Originally Posted by RainandRedemption View Post
I'm thinking the rats sound lke a good idea!! How are they with younger children (my kids are only 3 and 5). Smell isn't a huge issue since our HS room is off a ways from the bedrooms. How often to clean the cages? I could do once a week easy... What do you need for them other than the cage, water and food dispensers, some toys? Wood shavings? What do they eat?
Just give them room and things to do. I'd recommend getting the biggest cage you can and at a minimum get a wheel for it. Keep everything solid surface instead of wire, because their tiny feet have a hard time on wire surfaces. Not sure what is available as far as toys go, but I'd get a few of those and switch them out like they do at the zoo to keep things interesting. Here's a list of fun games and toys . They can eat commercial rat food and treats, and some people foods like veggies. Once a week should be fine unless you have a really messy rat Try to get bowls/water bottles that attach to the cage otherwise they will get tipped over often making a mess. You can use any small animal bedding for them. If you want to use wood shavings, check prices at nearby farm stores (something like Tractor Supply Store). You can get giant packs of wood shavings there for a fraction of the cost of buying them anywhere else. Rats will be fine with the kids as long as you make sure to keep them supervised to they don't get rough.
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