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Option one. Without question. While (so far) DD doesn't have any severe allergies. I do! LOL I have 3 that require an epi pen. (one of which is cats! I have a nightmare time with setting up playdates with that one! This is made a million times worse because most people have never heard of a cat allergy that bad, so when you ask if they have cats before arriving they say nope, but I drive there walk in the door and IMMEDIATELY start to get hives! I choke out "You said you did NOT have ANY CATS !?!" And am always told "Well fluffy never leaves the upstairs it shouldn't be a problem." (this is always said in a perky voice which hacks me off worse LOL!!!) I swing open the door with epi pen in hand and usually say very sternly "As you can CLEARLY SEE its a MASSIVE PROBLEM!!!" As my now puffy hive covered self steps into the yard to stab myself before my airway shuts! What kills me about these situations is they ALWAYS say "No one is THAT ALLERGIC to cats! You need to see an allergist and take shots or something. Your just being silly!" I usually get REALY PO'ed at this. I mean needing to be able to breath isn't silly to ME LOL!
Sorry I rambled there LOL but that I felt would explain why I feel so strongly that school #1 is far and away the way I would go in your situation and whichever you choose I wish you and your family the best
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