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Re: sore throat/swollen tonsils

Sounds like she may have strep and need antibiotics. We have had it recurrently at our house for 2 years in a row. Ugh! You can safely wait up to 8 days after the onset of symptoms to start treatment for strep. (Told this by our pediatrician and found in research because of our recurrent strep problem.) However, I don't necessarily recommend waiting because she will be uncomfortable until you do. Plus, it is very contagious. The longer she goes without antibiotics, the more likely someone else in your house is going to pick it up.

I would probably take her to an urgent care if it wasn't a huge financial issue, which it isn't for us. But, you can definitely wait till Monday if you want/need to. I would just make sure you call first thing Monday morning and go in that day if you wait.

Sorry she is sick.
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