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Re: Who has done an IVF? Would *love* your help! (consultation tomorrow)

We did IVF in 2008. I would ask specifically 'why' they recommend ICSI for you. We did it because we were using frozen sperm (DH froze before deployment.) Are they recommending it because of your specific circumstances or is it just their blanket protocol?

Also ask what they use for progesterone support post-embryo transfer. Some clinics are still using the PIO. When I did IVF, Endometrin had just come out and I was able to convince them to let me use it. It's a vaginal suppository instead of the PIO injection. The clinical studies done prior to FDA approval showed a lower miscarriage rate using Endometrin than PIO (also, no giant shots!)

I can't remember what my meds cost. DH is military and we did IVF through one of the teaching programs at a MTF, so the MTF provided the bulk of our meds at no charge (the Follistim, Menopur, & Lupron.) I had to order the Endometrin from overseas and it was not covered by either my insurance through my employer or Tricare.
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