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Re: Epi-pen mamas- opinions please

I would do option one and try to get around the issue of not having an epi-pen in the classroom. How many refills do you get with insurance? I get like 5 or 6 for mine, and just filled them every month until I had them all (with only a $10 copay so it was worth it to me) and we have one in the diaper bag, one in my purse, one at my parents, one in my kitchen, etc. If she is only going to be transferring to maybe 3 rooms, then you need that many for school plus keep one on you. Maybe you have enough time before school starts to stockpile them and have each room have one?

My niece is in second grade, so this is obviously for an older child, but she has one in a fanny pack thing, and the teachers do bring it from classroom to classroom when transferring her and her classmates. A couple of other kids have allergies and a couple have inhalers, so my sister just called the other parents with these issues, asked if they wanted to do some community negotiation with the school, and now all the kid's meds are in that fanny pack bag together with names on them, and they go from classroom to classroom with the kids. I think they are actually using the old one from her ergo baby, lol.

My main thing for picking school number one is that they are already fostering a preventative approach to allergies which means not only do they take it seriously, but they must have familiarity to have put these procedures in place. That familiarity will lead to faster administration of the meds if anything does happen.
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