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Re: I've shot myself in the foot (figuratively)...

I can't offer advice on your dilemma about school, but I will tell you that you are probably accomplishing a lot more at home than you realize.

I have home schooled for 19 years. I have graduated 3 kids, and have one left at home. There were times when life just happened that maybe all we did was cover math and English, but there were times when life was happening that they were learning things they never could've learned in school (like DS sitting in on my mom's cardiology visits before and after her triple bypass - it was so awesome how the dr explained to him with a diagram exactly what he was going to do to his mawmaw's heart to fix it, and all of them helping to take care of her afterwards). That's a single example. There have been so many things they've been exposed to because they have been at home. Some things just can't be learned in a classroom.

Classical Conversations is an intense program (very good, but intense). Maybe step back and do something a little lighter. Cover the basics each day (math, English), and get him some good, age-appropriate history and science reading material. He can learn a lot just reading interesting, factual stories.

A child his age, with one on one teaching, does not need to do more than 2 hours each day of work. Maybe you can just let yourself off the hook a little.

Just another perspective...
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