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Re: August 2011 - May chat

At around 6 months I put her in her own room. I reluctantly did this with all my babes. I honestly think they smell me and thats what wakes them up. Once they go to there own rooms , ime, they slept better. We do still have some 2:45am wake ups--weirdly it is the same time everynight (I may need to investigate her room for noice). Dh usually gets her and brings her to me (he is an insomniac). Last night he let her fuss a little bit and she went back to sleep.

I am not a fan of cio either. After they turn 1 I let them a little bit but it is usually light wimpers and not full out freak outs. I know they are training me lol but I am not big on them be that upset.

Peyton sits up but she does not sit herself up. I have never seen her sit herself up. But she she will sit for long periods of time. She also only army crawls. Not to concerned bc Blu never crawled but walked at the end of 9 months and Tanner seemed to be later with things but only bc I held him ALL THE TIME. I am sorry but he is so snuggley!

I am sorry you are so tired. I feel your pain--but you win, you have 4!

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