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For a kids movie you'll probably be fine. I once took 3 y.o. DD to see a decidedly adult movie at an art house theater and someone complained because she's rattled the wrapper of her snack, she didn't talk or move just crinkled a little. we had to leave. Thats why I have seen very few adult movies in the pay few years.
My most disruptive movie going experience was when I went to see the Decedents. There was a clearly hard of hearing possibly Alzheimer's lady there basically screaming asking stupid questions f the an she was with. He never once told her to quiet down even though everyone ET turning around and gaming daggers them. Since I only get to see a movie 1-2 a year wen someone agrees to babysit I was very angry. I guess ow that I'm having twinsI'm will never again see adult movie in the theater.
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