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Re: Keep baby in room or move her to her room

First let me say that our children usually sleep in our room for 2-3 years. In our bed when they are little and then in a crib or toddler bed depending on which child I am talking about. It is not for everyone but we prefer it. You have to do whatever is going to make you happy. I won't bother telling you not to feel guilty because no matter what you decide you will feel guilty. It is part of being a mama

How do you lay her down to sleep? Maybe you could have her sleep in her room paert of the night so that you could enjoy the privacy you are craving and then bring her to your room to a pack and play or mini crib? If you really want to co-sleep you will find a way that works for you. Have you seen an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper?

You will find your way and can always change your mind
Just in case.
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