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Re: What kinds of pet(s) do you have, if you wanted the pet FOR your lo?

I wouldn't recommend fish. They require a lot of knowledge to keep them humanely and IME the kids have fun feeding them but overall they are ignored by kids your ages.

I also wouldn't recommend turtles or reptiles due to salmonella.

Rabbits are fantastic pets and I prefer them over Guinea pigs but another one that isn't great for kids, unless you get a giant rabbit breed and interact with it a lot.

And I'm sorry kitty lovers but I don't think cats are appropriate for kids. They are generally too aloof and not friendly/playful enough for kids. I'm not a believer in declawing but I would NEVER get a cat for kids without at least putting the little claw guards on their nails.

Puppies are the best, I got a Great Dane pup for my ds. GD's are perfect for kids, once they are taught to honor personal space (like any dog should be). Danes are lazy when you want them to be and playful and hilarious when you want them to be. They aren't afraid of kids and are pretty invincible to a kid doing normal kid things. I personally find that Goldens take a lot of training so make sure you get your puppy enrolled in training classes. Be prepared, it may take 2 or more classes before you have a well trained Goldendoodle. They aren't bad dogs and they are smart but they can be a little goofy in the begining stages of their lives IMO.

Guinea pigs are cool too but they need cage sizes that are a LOT bigger then what they sell at petsmart in order to be happy in life. I'm assuming rats are the same way, most cages at petsmart are way too small for the animals they advertise them for.

As for bedding (and speaking of someone who also has horses ) don't use wood shavings of any kind. They are incredibly dusty, and put off a lot of allergens into the air. Not good for small animals, or people's lungs, plus they make it hard to keep your house clean. I don't even use them for the horses for the same reasons. I simply use shredded paper. I bought a shredder at staples, the smallest one and just shred my mail as we go through the week. Then there is plenty for the weekly cage change. It's free (well after purchasing the shredder), no dust, less alergenic and more absorbent then wood shavings.
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