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Re: Any Catholic mamas of many?

Hi! I'm brand new here, but a Catholic mom of many and multiples. My oldest is a freshmen at public high school, my other three boys are in our local Catholic grade school. My 12 yo daughter was having social issues at our very small school, so she is home doing virtual charter, and my 3yo dd and twin 1 yo dds are home. We used to home school a long time ago, but I'm discerning whether to try again. This next year the young ones will be at the Catholic school, but perhaps the year after that, when 3yo dd will be Kindy age, and the twins will be almost preschool. We've used CHC for a year when they were first getting started for a year, but really struggled with the cost of homeschooling. I mostly just threw together my own curric based on online resources/WTM. I think I would have been more successful if I could have afforded to buy curric and stick to it. I'm just starting to pray about all this, so who knows where it'll lead?

Glad to find all you Catholic moms! I don't do facebook, but I'd love to chat on this thread about challenges of mothering many.
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