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Re: August 2011 - May chat

Britt, last month I was so fed up with lack of sleep that I did something crazy! Something I didn't think we would do until we moved into our new house, we moved Mary out of our room... into her brother's room where there is just enough room for their bunk bed and a crib.

We were SO nervous, but I knew something had to give, she was waking up like 3-4 times a night and not acting satisfied from nursing. The second I would walk in my room to go to bed (around 10:30pm) she would wake up and nurse and would struggle to get back to sleep.

It was the BEST decision I ever made!!! She goes to bed the same time as the boys, she doesn't wake them up, they don't wake her up, she's been sleeping about 80% through the night and when she does wake up, it's only once. I feel SO good, and she's sleeping better during the day - you know the old sayin' "sleep begets sleep."

I was sad to not have that snuggle time but it was becoming more a burden than blessing and she still loves to snuggle in the morning when she nurses so that sweetness and bond is still present.

And she never really had to CIO, she might fuss for a few minutes but then she just falls asleep. She fusses more for naps during the day. And I think there may have been a few nights when we transitioned that she might have woken up but I may not have heard her... but I feel like that's a natural transition, with mama spidey-senses and such, I think my body can tell her different cries (even when I'm asleep).

I vote that if you are thinking about it, just try it, what's the worst that can happen, it doesn't get any better and you just move her back to the pnp, if it gets better - GREAT!

Good luck friend, our little girls sound SO similar in habits and personality and I FEEL for you big time!
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