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Lots of diaherra--and large undigested food pieces in it for us. Lots of tummy pain. Little to no weight gain. Gassiness. Very foul smelling stools. Frequent illnesses, frequent rashes. We actually ended up bring it as a concern to the Dr. because LO was failure to thrive and had been tested for everything and the Dr. had no idea what was going on with her. We asked about celiac, and they did bloodwork for it, which came back negative. Results are not that accurate for those tests--especially as DD was one at the time, and they are even less accurate on little ones. She wanted to do endoscopy but I didn't want to and when ended up going to a children's hospital in Kansas City. We did a food trail....she did SOO much better when we got gluten out of her diet. When we reintroduced gluten, it was awful. And that's how she was dx. You should know that symptoms can vary---a LOT from person to person, so just because that's what it looked like for us doesn't mean that it will look like that for you. As a bonus, DDs attitude also improved dramatically on the diet! Good luck to you, I know this is a rough time with a big learning curve. Feel free to ask me anything...I've got 2 girls with celiac now.
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