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Funny you post this as I am frustratingly searching the internet for help in making a new gluten free bread! My 4 yo DS just had a biopsy last Tuesday. We do not have the results back, but started him gluten free as soon as the biopsy was done. He had elevated tTG levels a couple of months ago. I have suspected celiac disease myself. I went gluten free without getting tested and now cannot tolerate even trace amounts of gluten. My DS's primary symptoms were chronic constipation ever since starting solid foods, very low appetite and very low on the growth charts (from birth to 6 months at over 50th percentile to now at under the 2nd) Even if his biopsy results are negative, we will be keeping him on a gluten free diet to see if he gets better. Testing in kids is tricky though. There is a much higher rate of false negatives than in adults.

ETA: He also has extreme mood swings, which I feel are likely related as well. When he was on a higher gluten diet prior to the biopsy, it was pretty bad!

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