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Re: Newborn sleeping help

Originally Posted by ikitakunai View Post
Yes, this is exactly what a newborn should be doing. Hang in there Mama, it is hard, but it gets easier all too quickly. Make sure you are comfortable and snuggle up with your baby, watch some movies, rest, read...

Do you have anyone around to bring you food and drinks and meet your toddler's needs besides some hugs and kisses from mom? It's hard, but try not to be afraid to ask people to get you what you need. And when you really need something like a quick shower to breathe, don't be afraid to do so with baby crying for a few moments in Daddy's loving arms.
exactly this. Or wear him in a sling while you are tending to the toddler. but right now, at 2 days pp, you should be resting!
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