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Happy birthday Toby and to you Rachel. DD's birthday is the 19th. I'm so excited and yet so heartbroken about it... Sigh.

Julia--I sometimes put DD to sleep with DS just because DH works late and can't help often. She will sleep in her crib for nap after nursing to sleep but won't otherwise sleep in there. Sometimes I wish she would because I don't get much sleep and it complicates getting both kids to sleep on my own. She nurses a lot at night to make up for dodging my boobs during her busy baby days. Anyway, I turn the lights on after they're conked out to get pictures before moving her to my bed. my camera base is a beat up old Canon Rebel XT but the lens is a 50mm f/1.4. The wider aperture is what gives you the out of focus background. You could adjust your camera for a wider aperture (lower #) What kind of camera do you use? I'm pretty amateur but I love taking photos. I had the 1.8 50mm before but it's not as well made and I broke it twice (I'm super rough and a tad careless). If you have a similar camera and take good care of your equipment you may like the 1.8. It's a really good value. I'm sorry you're having a rough go with your DS lately. What are the wonder weeks you guys keep mentioning? I'm guessing it's a heavy developmental period. It's a book right? What's it called/ who's it by? I'd like to check it out. thanks!!

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