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Re: May 2011 Mamas - May chat! Happy Birthday!

Well, Toby's birthday was pretty uneventful, we are having his birthday party in two weeks, just due to schedules and Mother's Day next week I am still struggling with him not crawling, but I keep trying to remember that every baby is different. He is really wanting to just stand and walk. I know I keep writing about that, but I can't get past it yet

He has 8 teeth still, but I think we are working on molars

I haven't made his 12 month appt yet, but I am anxious to see if he has finally gained weight since he is an eating machine! He feels heavier for sure and has kind of flown through all our 12 month clothes, so I am ready to pull out 18 month clothes!

Justineybean - I was never someone who thought they could do boudoir pics, but as long as they are for me and my DH, then I think I am ok and I think it will help me see myself in a better way. Also, that book is

On another note, we are really struggling with my older son, Quinn. He is going to be 3 in August and he has turned into this child that I don't even know half the time. He shrieks at the top of his lungs, hits everyone, kicks the dogs, tries to beat his brother, takes everything from him...the list goes on. I try to stay calm and deal with him in a way that is loving and yet firm and attached. But...sometimes, I just want to S C R E A M!!!! There are days I live, absolutely live for bedtime. I know it is normal, but it has really struck me hard lately, he was just my love bug and the other day he said "I don't like you" and my heart just broke are pics from Toby's birthday! We are having his one year pics done tomorrow, so I will share them when I get them back!

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