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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of April 30th

Originally Posted by jacquelinemarie82 View Post
Jennifer and Ingrid, thanks for the support! Ingrid, I am so excited to hear how this goes for you. Are you blogging about it?

Anyone know of any great IVF blogs? I would love to read up on some real experiences.
- I am sure you have seen my blog but I have recorded both IVF's and the IUI that I got the triplets from (that was like IVF only I didn't have the egg retrieval). I blog about it all.

Originally Posted by ingrid5699 View Post
Wow-Jennifer you've been through soooo much. Love your blog and am definitely going to hope your FET is super successful on the first try! I'm a native Austrian but we have lived in the US for a couple of years before having kids.
Jacqueline no blog here. I am not that open about doing IVF in r/l and would always fear that some people who I don't want to know find out. (like my MIL...)
- That is great that you could spend a few years here in the states. I have heard great things about Austria, but I have heard Geneva is expensive. Thanks for the well wishes! I wish you luck so you don't have to be here when I am doing my FET.

AFM - I picked up my medication today. I don't need it till Wednesday but I figured might as well. It was only $11. I was impressed! Too bad I don't think the progesterone will be that little! Tomorrow afternoon I am going to go to the nutritionist. Need to make a list of things I do now so I can share them with her. I consume a lot of raw and make fermented products and such. So it could be a long list. Tomorrow morning the Nuvaring will be history... for hopefully a LONG time!!

Oh and if anyone doing IVF wants my excel sheet that I created for when I was doing IVF (it had spots for all medication I was taking, appointments and such), just let me know. I also recently figured out something that I can do on my calendar on my computer/i-phone (both Apple products). I put in a 15 minute appointment for the times that I need to take things. This way I have it one spot without my cheat sheet, which I can't create because I don't know what will be on it yet!
Jennifer (39) - Wife since 12/2003 with 5 children - 3 waiting for me in heaven , and 2 delighting me everyday ! Lymphoma survivor and mother to baby born post pelvic radiation!
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