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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

I guess I'll add my 2 cents in here as a former baby model that has suffered no lasting mental damage! lol

"Honestly I can't understand why anyone would want their dc to be a model, there are much better things for them to be doing than modeling."

My older daughter has been modeling since she was about 18 months. Why? Because she gets paid at least $65/hour to be photographed playing with other kids, playing with toys, playing in the bathtub. She doesn't know its "work"! She now has earned income thats allowed her to open an IRA as well as start a college fund. She's 5 now...She went on an audition a few weeks ago and didn't get the job. She has no idea what that means, doesn't care and doesn't feel at all rejected. She just had fun trying on some fun clothes and meeting a bunch of other little girls!

I'm also going to back up what falcon2 has to say about not paying any fee for representation, but possibly needing to pay a photographer (falcon2 happens to be one of my closest friends IRL so I know she knows WAY more about the modeling business than she is letting on In Seattle where I live, the kids have to have a comp card and pro photos. People always say if you have to pay anything its a scam. But honestly it just depends on the market as far as photos are concerned. Some cities a professional comp is the norm, and some cities its not. You never have to pay an agency for representation. But the only two "real" agancies in the Seattle market absolutely require at least a comp card with professional photos, but the comp can be updated with snapshots stapled to the back, rather than having to get a new card every few months. Don't expect an agency to foot the bill for your baby's photos. They may do that for older models but its probably pretty rare for a baby. Falcon2 can correct me of I'm wrong, but I'm pretty certain that for a baby, only the largest agancies in the largest markets would advance the $$ to shoot a baby's comp pix (if even them).

"-the $100 covers the website and book. She just have to submit her own pics (like from walmart or sears). No other fees involved"

The comission the agency takes on their models landing jobs is what pays for a legitimate agancy's book, website and all other business expenses. If they can't afford to print their books and run their website without the models paying to get in it, then they are not making money off the comission they earn from their models job's...They are making money directly off their models. That is not a working, legit agancy.

Just my experiences
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