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Re: Basically its Monday

I'm it was really really cold in the freezers. I know it's always the same temp but still, for some unknown reason today -18C felt colder than usual.

I had to pay for a bunch of stuff I had put aside today. I forgot how big some of it is and had to bring it home on Stanley......I had to stick 3 full length swim-noodles between my backpack and me to get them home. As well as the paddling pool in the foot space, 5 pairs of fake crocs in the top-box and 7 swimming costumes in my backpack as well as 2 of those float-belts.

I was a sight!

People kept grinning at me as I rode through town. The noodles were funny to ride with. They waved as I rode. I'm just glad it wasn't was raining though. I got wet.
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