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Re: Use of blue cohosh to help labor get started?

I would honestly avoid it... that's one of those herbs that's a little scary because it's been known to cause miscarriages.

I would suggest using EPO and red raspberry leaf tea. And eat a bunch of "Jump Start Your Labor" cookies. I munched them all day the day before my due date, and my water broke early the next morning.

You can also try nipple stimulation... I used that on my due date with DS2 and my water broke like 10 minutes later (used my electric breast pump).

With DS3, I did the nipple stimulation the night before my due date before going to bed (same day I at the Jump Start Your Labor cookies).

Walk a lot, have sex.....

Here is my opinion. Take things that will help you go into labor naturally if your body is labor.. not something (like Cohosh) that will CAUSE labor to start BEFORE you're body is ready. Some babies need that extra week or two to finish baking. Unless the placenta is starting to deteriorate, or your amniotic fluid is low.. or something else dangerous is going on with the baby.... trust your body to do it's job.

Just my opinion.

God bless!
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