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ISO/IHA Germany***Updated 7/20***

These are the items I am ISO locally within Germany or the EU. Some may be doable world wide.

Newest items:
Ice age dvds europe region code
Ice age toys especially the squirel appropriate for 2 year old

Germany or EU specific:
For the children:
* Childrens books German short picture books to read aloud
* Happyland toys sets, little people toy sets smaller sets
* baby sicherheits rollos
* Preschool age acitivity sets, arts and craft supplies ect

For me:
* Post birth supplies like herbal sitz bath, oils, ect
* Always enjoy american products including foods, cooking staples ect

* I need a small baking dish or two for side dishes
* A non stick frying pan
* 4 fire detectors
* Cupbaord organizors, plate stackers
* American metal baking pans- cake,pie ect
* Rubbermade bins or plastic organizing drawers ect
* Wicker baskets for organizing to hold unpaper towels, family cloth ect

For daddy:
* Wireless mouse and keyboard

Local southwest Germany
* Dreirad- the ones with the stick
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