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Originally Posted by Michelle_M
Ok.. op, so I owe you an apology, I was wrong. I asked my midwife about it for you, and this is was the conversation through her facebook page:

Me: What is your general opinion on a woman using black or blue cohosh at 40 weeks to try to start labor? Sounds like a bad idea to me, and I told her so... but I'm willing to admit to being wrong if I am. Her OB suggested it to her. Which really surprised me.

Her response: Blue and or black cohosh can help to stimulate contractions. There are many variations/combinations available. Her OB must be a naturalist????

So there ya go.

I COMPLETELY trust my midwife, this is my second pregnancy with her... If she says it's ok to use... then I believe her.

God bless!
Thank you for taking the initiative to ask your midwife and posting her response, that was kind of you! My OB isn't actually an OB. He is a family practice physician who has done births/cesareans for 30 yrs so he might as well be. He said natural things are his favorite because drugs don't do much favor for your body. I wouldn't call him a naturalist really but he did say that over the course of his witnessing births for 30 yrs, he trusts the body to do its job, if you force it to do things its not ready to do (I.e. induce with pitocin), it generally doesn't go well.
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