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Are women REALLY more fertile their first few months postpartum?

I keep hearing this over and over again. I used to dismiss it as an old wives tale, but I'm starting to wonder.

I've read the FAM book (TCOYF) cover to cover. I'm fairly educated in all things pregnancy and fertility. It doesn't make any sense to me that women would be more fertile directly after childbirth. Exclusively breastfeeding mothers should go through a brief period of lactation induced amenorrhea, rending them temporarily infertile. Yet, when people say that women are more fertile postpartum, they also usually emphasize that this is even more so the case when the mother is breastfeeding. This doesn't scientifically make any sense to me. Yet, I know so many moms who conceived again in their first few months postpartum - even some that were exclusively breastfeeding!

Some women are inevitably going to get pregnant again immediately, breastfeeding or not. But are they more likely? Is there any science to back this up or is it really just an old wives tale?
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