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Re: Are women REALLY more fertile their first few months postpartum?

What I believe is the case is that women ASSUME that they CANNOT get pregnant while breastfeeding OR before their periods return. They are not realizing that they ovulate before the postpartum period returns so that is one time they could get pregnant before they realize it because they are waiting for periods to start and then looking for birth control. Some women only breastfeed a week or maybe a few weeks or months...they think because they breastfeed any length of time that they are okay. They don't know the "rules". Or maybe they are not exclusively breastfeeding.

Basically they are not educated and are so busy taking care of a little one that they are not super concerned with birth control. I think a lot of women get back on birth control AFTER they fully wean or AFTER a few months when they realize the work and cost of an infant and decide they don't want another anytime soon. But by then it could be too late. I have heard of a lot of women going in for birth control and at that time finding out they are pregnant.
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