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Re: anybody else's vagina (surface), pelvis area sore?

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
get a maternity support belt. there is too much pressure on your vaginal area and the belt will left the belly and help your back support the area more. sometimes they are pricey but well worth it! I could hardly walk at the end of my third pregnancy and wore the belt all day every day for weeks and it made a huge difference!

the belt is NOT the same thing is a belly bandit or other maternity item. its like this

but you can get ones that dont have the top strap. i would personally just go for the top of line! dont want to go cheap with stuff like this.
I have a support belt almost exactly like that. Unfortunately, for me, it doesn't help. To the contrary, it ended up digging into my upper back and chafing/pinching me (even when worn on top of an undershirt).
Lots of women love them though, so I was very disappointed when it didn't work for me. Thankfully, insurance covered it, so I didn't have to pay out of pocket for it.
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