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I seem extremely fertile upon weaning. Weaned ods at 4weeks (well, gave up anyway). Periods started immediately. Intentionally missed one condom while ovulating 4 mos pp= baby. Weaned yds at 18mos. 2 months later, I ovulated 5 days earlier than I ever have, and caught 3 day old sperm on the way=baby. While nursing, my fertility comes back immediately anytime I'm away from my baby (was away from my EBF 5.5 mo for 5 days and got my period two weeks later) or with YDS at 9mos PP (he started solids at 8mos).

I truly believe ecological breastfeeding works for me. Until solids or separation from my bfing babies I haven't been fertile while bfing (my kids don't sttn). This surprise FAM baby threw me for a loop though. Lol.
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